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Company Name Zero Asia Pacific Co., Ltd
CEO Ken Muto
Office 6-36-3, Ookurayama, Kohokuku, Yokohama, Japan
Phone +81-45-567-4117
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Fuso Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.

Sound Proof Sliding Door(Auto or Manual)
It was developed in cooperation with NHK, Japan Broadcasting Corp., meeting Class-C soundproof standard of NHK and are suitable for studio, sound editing room, surgery and delivery rooms in hospital.
Fuso Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.

Hermetic Sliding Door (Auto or Manual)
It is with high shield efficiency. The door has been developed mainly for special use in precision factory and food processor factory where complete cleanness is highly required.

Radio Frequency Sliding Shield Door (Auto or Manual)
In order to avoid any leakage of the electromagnetic wave from medical equipments at the hospital as well as of the communication wave from wireless microphone at the broadcasting studio to the outside, the shielded door has to be used and protects those equipments outside from the useless waves.

X-Ray Sliding Shield Door (Auto or Manual)
To avoid any dangerous leakage of radiation from X-Ray room, the door is most recommendable to insulate such radiation area.

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Door Hardware: Door Levers, Knobs, Pulls, Accessory

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